Vitamin C

Vitamin C

1963 Plymouth Belvedere 2-Door Post


The Vitamin C Plymouth was a last minute purchase in early 2010 when it was realized that the new engine for the Big Red Ram wasn’t going to be ready for the season opener. While the Vitamin C isn’t as fast as the Texas Whale, Texas Black Magic, or Big Red Ram — it has proven to be a very dependable and consistent car.

The car has a history of running Super Stock in the Upper Midwest in the 60s and 70s prior to a pair of brothers from the Southwest buying in 1995. The car is all metal and all glass — without any fiberglass or Lexan. The motor is a 413CI. Vitamin C can run 10.5s in good weather, but is run in the C/NSS (11.0 second) Index of NSS.

The car has it’s own web site at

Vitamin C at Milan 2010

zmax 2010

Joliet By Scott Sparrow

Joliet By Scott Sparrow

Vitamin C Joliet 2010 - Jake

Maple Grove


Bradenton 2010



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