Texas Black Magic

Texas Black Magic

Dallas at the 2010 Lonestar Shootout


Texas Black Magic was an ex-street racer from Nebraska, which was purchased and shipped to Houston in 2003. The car had its old cage replaced with a 14.pt. Chrome Moly, and for the rear suspension to be changed to a coil-over 4-link with a Ford 9″ rear axle.

Sent to Texas Thunder for Back Halve and Cage

Sent to Texas Thunder for Back Halve and Cage

Sent to Texas Thunder for Back Halve and Cage

493 Going into Black Coronet


It was bracket raced with a 540ci motor in the mid 9-second range until the motor was windowed in 2007.





Conversion to Nostalgia Super Stock:

In 2009, Texas Black Magic was modified to become legal so that Dallas could race in Nostalgia Super Stock.

Update July 5, 2010




The engine isĀ  572ci. The race prepared footbrake transmission was built by Dallas Schultz.

Update July 5, 2010

Although Dallas was only able to run this car in the last four NMCA Points Races in 2010 — he managed a Top Ten in the Points Championship. He also managed a Top 10 in it for 2011, and Dave won class at the Dave Duell Classic.

Dallas in Texas Black Magic at Milan 2010

zmax 2010




Texas Black Magic on Mopars at Motorplex 2011


Dave in Bowling Green 2011


Lonestar 2011

In the summer of 2011 the cars was taken to Matt Wright at RBC Racecraft to have the four-link replaced with a better setup, and a new torque convertor., It improved the car dramatically. The car will be repainted and engine freshened up over the winter, and it will perform backup duties should Dallas or Dallas need to call on it.

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