68 Tube Chassis Barracuda

8-Second 68 Tube Chassis Barracuda

I bought this car a few years back as an engine test bed, from when I was in the Mopar race engine building business. I wanted a car that we could quickly swap new engine formulas into, and take to the track for testing.

The car was built to run in a Street Car style class – (horn, brake lights, turn signals, parking lights, headlights, mufflers, etc., where it would make a 20 mile trip, and then the laughing gas would be turned on for a couple of 8-second blasts on NOS. It was actually quite infamous in the St. Louis area for a while, before going to Detroit.

The Chassis was built by Jeffers Pro Cars in the St. Louis area – some years back. The motor is an Indy SR Head 440, DinVinchi carb, Jessel belt drive, and other trick parts. The transmission is a Pro-Race transbrake. Both engine and transmission had just been rebuilt and zero passes on them at the time I bought the car.

When we got the car – we took it to Houston Raceway Park for two passes (actually had planned on more – but a door latch broke and couldn’t be fixed at the track) on just the motor to make sure it was all good.

Shortly thereafter, I sold the engine building business, but my son was interested in running in that class, so we disassembled the car and the body was treated to a $20,000 paint and body job. Everything was repaired, doors latches better reinforced, the entire car was sanded smooth, properly primed, then the basecoat/clear coat in Guardian (Porsche) Red – before being color sanded. The paint is as smooth as glass and flawless. Show car quality – not race car quality.

A forum thread with progress photos of this build can be found at:


— it will answer a lot of questions.

While the engine was out – Damon from Diamondback Engines pulled the pan, a couple bearing caps and rod caps to verify we hadn’t been lied to – and he found the bearings to be all new. All other inspections of the engine also verified this motor had a professional rebuild. We didn’t pull the transmission apart – but you can see all new gaskets and it worked like a charm on the two test runs.

The car has been fully assembled, with any questionable part replaced with new. The fuel pump was sent to Barry Grant to be rebuilt and tested on a flow bench. Diamondback Engines tuned the motor. All of the NOS items are in place – but frankly since we’re all NSS racers – that’s above our pay grade to tune – and so we’ll leave that to the buyer. The chassis was NHRA certified in mid February 2011. The doors and front clip are fiberglass, and the windows are Lexan. Slicks have two easy passes on them.

As luck has it – my son became more interested in running Nostalgia Super stock, so I need to take a bath on what I have in this car. My loss will be someone’s gain. All this car needs is a new owner, for him to buy the harness and window net (color/style) of his choice, and take to the track to tune the NOS.

Use the Contact form to ask your questions. The price has been reduced from $60,000 to $40,000 for a quick sale and firm. Delivery can be arranged – and I can keep it safely in my shop for a reasonable period of time. The below are photos of the car since finished.












Cuda December 2010

Cuda December 2010

Some Build Photos



The rebuild starts




The rebuild starts

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