The Texas Whale

The car is called the Texas Whale because it is big, and its from Texas. Dave is a “Fin’s Man”, and the 60 Plymouth has the largest Fins of any American Production Automobile. Dave is a unique guy, and wanted the most Unique car legal to race in Nostalgia Super Stock. We think we’ve achieved that with the Texas Whale.

The Texas Whale started as a 4-door 1960 Plymouth wagon, with the Leaning Tower of Power (Slant 6 engine) and a three-on-the tree. The California car was purchased off of eBay in late 2003, and work immediately began to prepare it for Nostalgia Super Stock Racing duties.

After the car was disassembled, sand blasted, and primed — work began to convert it into a 2 door, using the complete center-section of a 2-door post car. It is identical to the 2-door wagons Plymouth sold new in 1960. The reason for the conversion was two-fold. Looks and and ease of entry and exit through larger 2-door doors. A little over 7 years and $120,000 later — it was ready for the track.

The car’s drive train is a 588ci aluminum block Mopar Wedge producing over 900hp, race prepped 727 transmission, and 8″ steel stator torque convertor. From there an aluminum drive shaft goes to a Ford 9″ rear assembly loaded with alloy axles and suspended by a coil-over 4-link. You can see from the above, that these cars came from the factory weighing only 3,375 pounds, but it was lightened further with the replacement of glass with Lexan, removal of unnecessary interior and hardware, and fiberglass body panels replacing the front fenders, hood, bumpers, and decklid.

It was not only very expensive to build this car, but it is expensive to travel on a National Points circuit, and to keep the car fast and competitive. We are aggressively looking for product sponsorship, and willing to replace virtually anything on the car with a product at least its equal. Please take a moment to look over our Sponsor Package, and other sponsor information. The links can be found in the Important Info drop-down menu in the above NavBar. You will also find links to more photos and information on the Texas Whale in the Important Info drop-down menu.

The below are a few track photos, but you will find far more on the Track Photo Page.


First Time out for the whale

The below are a couple photos of the interior. You will find more photos elsewhere on the site.


Whale Interior Dec 2010

Whale Interior Dec 2010

The below are a couple of the under hood photos. More can be found elsewhere on the site.

Whale's Engine Dec 2010

Whale's Engine Dec 2010

A few Pit photos, and yes — you will find more elsewhere on the site.

Texas Whale at Houston Raceway Park Lonestar Shootout 2010

Texas Whale at Houston Raceway Park Lonestar Shootout 2010

Texas Whale at Houston Raceway Park Lonestar Shootout 2010

Texas Whale at Houston Raceway Park Lonestar Shootout 2010

And a few photos of the car being built.



Cheap Labor for Dis-assembly




Ready for blasting




Converting to a 2 door with a 2-door donor





Texas Thunder Photos



Texas Thunder Photos




November 2007 Updates

Body work



Texas Thunder Photos


Texas Thunder Photos

Texas Thunder Photos

On January 30, 2010


Roof Graphics on The Texas Whale

Roof Graphics on The Texas Whale

Whale Graphics

Whale Graphics

Photos by Pat Artis Sept/Oct 2010

Texas Whale at Houston Raceway Park Lonestar Shootout 2010

Nostalgia Super Stock Racing With A 1960 Plymouth Wagon