Texas Whale Redux

Well, sort of Redux. It is being rebuilt with a different theme.

As of today, it as been torn down, the body sanded smooth with a guide-coat, low spots built up, most trim holes filed with epoxy, and sanded again. In mid May, it will be going to Indiana to be wrapped. The below photos are what the graphic artist needed of the details of the car after the trim was removed. I’ll be keeping the Flag roof that Mark Artis painted 13 years ago.

The transmission has been rebuilt with parts purchased from Cope Racing Transmissions. The ATI Tree Master Converter was just gone through.

The Mega block (No more Indy blocks for me) is at the Machinist having eight new 4.500″ sleeves installed. The crank and 572 heads will be on their way to him soon.

When I get back, I’ll send the shocks, to get rebuilt, pull the back half out to go through and paint, and scrape and paint underside. Fuel and systems will be rebuilt.

Stay tuned for frequent updates of this rebuild.