Norwalk 2015 – Season Finale

Dave Schultz – September 3, 2015

WhaleNorwalk2015-1000This was to be Dallas’ last full season for awhile — as he’ll be getting married next month and taking a new job that won’t allow for the time off racing.

We loaded up Monday, left early Tuesday – getting as far as Jackson, TN, and arrived at Linder’s Lot (staging area) Wednesday Night. Thursday we set up pits, established credentials, and teched in the cars. There has been a little drama and a lot of false accusations against those winning rounds from a couple of those not winning rounds — so tech was extra long. Every wired was traced in most of the cars this time.

Friday I got two time trials in the morning — one of which had my car in line for over two hours. I was happy to see that the transmission blown in Joliet was performing well thanks to Dallas rebuilding. The problem with Dallas’ car plaguing him all year was finally found and corrected. I was too fast in the first round of Qualifying. My lights were good. There were 27 cars (about average)  in the NSS Class.

Saturday started earlier than we had expected. My second qualifying was too fast, so I had to be conservative with a 9.773 on a 9.75 Index my third qualifying — putting me 7 of 27.

ticketsSunday had a late start because of rain. Both Dallas and I won our first rounds, me playing the stripe on the brakes.

10985265_10204729409170840_2768810061989561374_n copyDallas and I also won our second rounds — me again on the brakes because of an advantage on the tree.  I had to spot him 3/4 of a second.

11952043_10204730523958709_6387594962544347368_nThen because of a ton of accidents, including a bad one by Willard Kinser, the third round was very late in the day — actually early evening. Dallas had a Bye and I had to go up against Doug Duell. Doug is one of my best buds — and we’ve had a see-saw win/lose thing happening. He won the first two times we raced, I won the next two, and then he won against me in the finals of the Dave Duell Classic — in a very close race. I thought I’d nailed the tree — but it appears I didn’t. It looked close from the car, but I broke out because of my light.


 Dallas won against Mike DeChicco in the fourth round. It was like 10PM before Dallas and Doug Duell faced off in the final. This time it was Doug’s turn to have a bad light and Dallas won the event.

11222980_10204749562074650_4897747610675421190_oThis win got Dallas back into the Top Ten, Runner Up got Doug the 2015 Championship, and because you have to throw out a race (I didn’t lose in the first round once this year) — DeChicco bumped me to 4th place for the year when I had to throw out 230 points to his 160 points. This year’s competition was the toughest to date, and I had a little bad luck with my engine blowing in Atlanta (Dallas loaned me his car) and transmission in Joliet.  However, I intend to come back with a vengeance next year.

pointsI’d like to congratulate Doug on his Championship and Dallas on both his win and the eleven years that we raced together. It will be a lot different racing without him going forward. I’d also like to thank Wes at Mancini Racing, Brian at Fuelabs, Sam at TTI Exhaust, Kim at Aerospace Components, and JC at ATI for their product sponsorship. The saying is “the quickest way to a Million dollars drag racing — is to start with a Billion”. That is especially so if you live in Texas and the closest track (Bowling Green, KY) is 1000 miles away. Sponsor assistance helps allow this old man to continue to live the dream.