Automotive Restoration

9799_top_shop_largeI have far too many restoration and freshen up project cars than I have time to get to, and can offer a very flexible opportunity that might be perfect for both the right retired person and I.

I’m looking for two honest and dependable automotive craftsman looking to work one or two days a week (averaging 10 hours) at my shop, paint room; using my tools and equipment. The below is a portion of what I need to get done.

64imperial50bI’ve always had a big Chrysler/Imperial Convertible a my weekend cruiser. This car is in good shape but needs to be freshened up a little. My son (who works full time as my Crew Chief and Shop Manager) will pull the engine and transmission to freshen, and I need the car to be repainted and the interior freshened up. Since it is a driver — I just need for it to be a 2-3 looking good and having everything working properly.

OLdsPaintdone1I need my 46 Olds Street rod finished. Mostly interior and suspension.

Vitaminc800 BlackCoronetAtlanta2011-800These are my backup race cars. We will strip down and mount on the spit and do most of the reassembly — but I need the Plymouth to be stripped of its 30-year-old cracked lacquer paint, a small dent in the hood repaired, and painted. The same with the black Dodge — and the rear wheel area was pulled out prior to the car being tubbed — and needs to be fixed back to stock. Both cars are as solid as a rock without any type of rust.

a100-Aug2010-aMost of the bodywork on this A-100 has been done — but it needs to be completed, painted, and reassembled with a Mopar Small block.

67marlin11Full restoration on this solid #3 1967 Ambassador Marlin, after the unfinished projects are completed.

Cyclone02Inexpensively get the bugs worked out of this 70 Cyclone GT 4-speed so I can sell. Some electrical issues, dash pad, etc.

61PlodgeACustom Plodge (Plymouth Front end on Dodge body) project. Thinking about getting a two door post car to make this a 2-door wagon customized. Mopar big block and 4-speed.

60Pday106Thinking about making this car a replica of Richard Petty’s 60 Plymouth.

The above is a sampling to the type of things I have going on. These are my personal vehicles. As stated, my 26-year-old son (who races with me on a National Circuit) maintains the race cars and will be able to assist with the heavier work when needed. He’s a good man and is interested in learning from masters.

This is a perfect situation for a retired automotive craftsman who wants to supplement his Social Security with cash, stay busy a few hours a week, but have the flexibility to take a few weeks off here and there for travel and/or fishing. Might work out for Snowbirds looking to spend 8-9 months a year in Texas (30 miles south of Houston in a small town). I can even possibly arrange for a nice place to park you motorhome to live in.

I’m only interested in the following qualities:

  • A Craftsman who pays attention to detail and works efficiently. Paint and body needs to be of the highest quality. Need the full package.
  • Vast experience with automotive restorations. I will require and check your references.
  • Honest and dependable – no flakes. I need someone who will give a fair day’s work for a far day’s pay. While this is a part time offer with flexible scheduling to enjoy your retirement, time at the shop needs to be scheduled, and a reasonable time plan needs to be followed.

I will allow the use of my tools to those who can care for them. I have virtually everything required and will/can obtain what I might not have. I can provide a safe and secure shop area for your tools if you wish to use them. I will pay cash at the end of the week. I’m looking for two craftsmen to working independently on two projects each at the same time.

I’ve tried to completely explain what it is I want, and I am not at all interested in compromising any of it. All work performed at my shop. I’m a fair and honest man without drama — looking for a couple of the same. If you are interested, email me (davetheoldhippie @ about your experience and what you have in mind.