2013 NMCA Schedule

NMCA TENTATIVE Schedule for 2013

March 21-24 Bradenton, FL

April 11-14 Commerce, GA

July 12-14 Joliet, IL

August 2-4 Bowling Green, KY

August 23-25 Norwalk, OH

October 10-13 Indianapolis, IN

Not completely firmed up yet — but this looks to be what happens. They’ll formally announce when finalized.

  • 6 races instead of 7
  • Milan gone and replaced with Norwalk
  • Maryland gone and not replaced
  • Strong lobbying on NMCA forums to not Double-points a race http://forums.nmcadigital.com/showthread.php?t=15708
  • Charlie Harmon told me in Indy that they would do a double points at Indy and throw out two races. I told him that was a terrible idea if they wanted racers to make all races. No one wants to race hard all year and have it come down to Indy. At Indy this year I had to throw out a 265 point race by showing up to all of them, while Kurt threw out a 150 points and Jim only gave up a 100 bonus. I’m not blaming that — as if I’d just raced 00Joe a little better and won that round it would have been a moot point — but I can see this killing the Bradenton and Atlanta race — and the season just starts in July (since there is not May or June race). I suggested that they put a pencil to their plan — but I doubt that they will.