My Ca$h or Barter Web Site

I've been downsizing my life for the last couple of years, and have done pretty well so far selling of the the stuff the bigger or more expensive stuff I really don't need. However, I still have a ways to go in a time when cash is a little short.

Until now, I've been telling people to take a hike when they want to trade for something as trading isn't exactly downsizing. However I've now reconsidered that since cash is tight and there are so many people looking to barter. I might as well have something I more like or need than hang onto something that no longer fits my lifestyle. Thus I've created the web site

On the the sidebar of that site you will see a list of things that I'm interested in trading for, and below that the list of stuff I am willing to trade with. In the NavBar there is a link to a Contact / Propose Barter form for those have something I'm looking for, and I have something they're looking for.

Right now that site is just a personal experiment, but I might take it to a public concept if it works well. I'll most likely do something on Facebook for others to post what they have — and what they want. So, when you have some free time take a moment to look over what I have and want — as you just might know of someone that is a perfect match — or a three way trade. Remember the dashes in the domain name!

Dave Schultz