Handmade Pistol Grip Shifter

Kustom Polished Pistol-Grip Shifter

I had this custom made in South America about ten years ago for my Petty Blue Superbird.

More Details and Photos

However, someone made me an offer that I couldn’t refuse for the car and I bought a B5 Blue Superbird before I received this hand-made shifter handle. My B5 Bird has a console — and this is a non-console shifter.








It has always been stored in a velvet bag and is flawless. I believe that the metal is polished stainless steel — as it is heavier and polished brighter than aluminum. It is polished almost as bright as chrome — but it is polished metal. The grips are hand-carved Zebrawood stained in a blue close to the Petty Blue. This is a work of art that could hang on a wall. I paid well over my asking price to have it made.

The photos do not do it justice.

One of a kind — you’ll never see another like it.

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