Promoting NSS

Promoting NSS Racing

2008 NMCA- Atlanta, GA


In the pits at Milan, a few of us were taste-testing beer when a question was asked, which I've heard many times in the 8 years I've been running NSS. "What can we do to promote NSS Drag Racing"?

One of the answers came from Doug Duell, when he lamented that NSS racers make a Piss-Poor showing at the NMCA Awards Ceremony at the PRI. A previous NSS sponsor (I believe it was Hedman Headers) walked away from sponsoring NSS with the NMCA a few years back, when only one NSS driver attended the Awards Ceremony. I missed last year's because of surgery, but went to the one two years ago when there was only Doug, Stephanie, and I from NSS who attended. Personally the location sucks for me — and after spending $15,000-$20,000 a year traveling to races where the closest is 900 miles away — I find it hard to justify paying to have Dallas and I traveling to Orlando (a place I personally hate) for a one-hour ceremony. However I will try to attend this year's, and suggest those who live a lot closer to Orlando than I — to also attend. The PRI show does have a lot of cool exhibits that can give a lot of drivers some good ideas for their cars.

Since the race, I've tried to think of what we can do to create more interest in Nostalgia Super Stock racing. Keep in mind that my background is in Business/marketing, and my interests include web design and the Internet. My suggestions below come from that background. Please add any suggestions you have to the thread at — and let's kick them around.

  • My first suggestion would be for more of the racers to get more active and have less apathy with their personal involvement.

    • I created the forums for NSS racers to discuss NSS topics. I've heard of grousing that I personally post too much — but that's because others currently post too little. I see a lot of visits to the board, a lot of people reading the posts, and a lot of people registering to post — but too few are posting. The excuses I hear are that "I hate Chat Rooms" (a forum is far different from a chat room), "My Typing Sucks", "I'm afraid my post will cause drama with another poster", ….. What is most likely the deal is pretty common with new boards — a Mexican Standoff. For whatever reason too many people won't post until the board gets popular with many other people posting regularly. Some people are followers and wait for the leaders, while others feel like the forums aren't worthy of their posting until the forum becomes very active. Fact is that posting adds content that is scanned and indexed by search engines. The more context  on the web site — the more visitors will be directed to a site. The more visitors directed to a site — the more will participate. The more who participate — the more active the board becomes. So please — if you see a topic that you have an opinion on — please post your opinion. We're all friends here — and unlike other racing forums, we're not going to have a problem with mean-spirited smack. If you have a technical question — ask it. There's no stupid question to most of us. Everyone started out ignorant and only acquired knowledge by the experience of others. I've in the past asked what some might have considered stupid questions — and I didn't care what some might have thought as long as I got a good answer. Any question asked and answered in the forums is better than those asked and answered over the phone/email/Private Messaging — because others will benefit from the experience. There are no real big secrets in NSS racing. Most any double-secret experience advantage is most likely really understood by better than half of the racers anyway, and having others understand makes for better racing. NSS Racers are some of the best in racing — and it is all really down to cutting a good light and hitting the number. The better the NSS racing to those watching — the more popular it becomes.

    • After every race I post a team report. I have to send one to one of my product sponsors — and so I might as well also post it on the site. While some people feel it is "7-pages of excuses", others are interested in the trials and tribulations of different race teams and it builds searchable content that bring visitors to the web site — and maybe someday racing with us. Why not consider posting a short recap of your team's vision of the race. Many people will actually like to read it — and screw those who don't.

    • Post any upcoming events in both the Event forum and the public calendar of the forum. If you are an event promoter with a NSS race — you're crazy not to take advantage of publicity. A Marketing class I took in college taught me that publicity is free advertising — and the best type of advertising. Don't leave it to me to look for and post every event — because I'm as busy as everyone else, maybe busier. Items posted in the forum's calendar are advertised at the bottom of the forum's index page starting 45 days prior to the event. The way that sites are ranked by order of popularity on search engines — is based on the number of sites linked to it, and the number of people clicking on those links. If I were to be holding an event — I'd be trying to get my link on as many sites as possible, and I'd want relevant sites to get me clicks.

    • Use the Free Classified ad section to buy, sell, and post your wants of relevant NSS items.

    • Upload your car to the Staging Lanes.

  • Tell others of sites that promote Nostalgia Super Stock Racing.

    • Post a link to it, or relevant threads in other forums you might visit.

    • Tell other NSS racers about these sites when you speak with them

    • If you're on Facebook — click the like button on the NSS Racing page, and share the posting there with others. Use the recommend feature to tell your racing friends of the page. Click the Share link to share the NSS Racing posts on Facebook with others including you on their Newsfeed.

    • Use your email to tell your drag racing friends about these NSS racing sites.

    • Get a link to NSS sites posted on any site that accepts links. It not only brings new visitors — but raises the ranking of the site on Search engines, generating more people to check it out.

  • Spread the word about the NSS Class of racing

    • There are a lot of drag racers out there with acceptable NSS cars — which would require only minimal modifications to be legal to race in NSS. Be on the lookout for these cars — and tell these drivers about NSS. A lot of people don't have a clue that NSS exists. I got into it in 2003, when I owned the Texas Big Bird Pro-Mod car. We brought it to the Monster to make Exhibition passes when I saw all of the NSS cars. Within a week, I'd met Damon on the NMCA forum and then had my red 65 Coronet (which I bracket raced locally) at the Texas Thunder's shop for Mark to convert for NSS and Damon to build the motor.

    • Talk to your track about having NSS run in one of their events. A lot of the track operators are looking for ideas to bring in spectators — and NSS is a popular class to do it with. Even if you talk them into having you and three other cars come to make some exhibition passes to split a grand.

    • Submit high quality photos of your car to the appropriate car magazines, telling of its racing heritage in NSS, and include a link to a site like for more information. I've done this many times — and the magazines are more than happy to post a quality link.

    • Take your kids or a friend to the races. A lot of the current racers got interested in running NSS after seeing it.

  • Attend more NSS races. The more cars we get to an event, the better the event's chance for survival.  More cars also create a better impression to the spectators, event promoters, and other racers who might be interested in running NSS.

    • Increase your operating distance by another 100 or so miles.

    • Try to help friends by attending NSS races they're trying to organize in their locale.

    • Don't participate in just one group's events. Make it a point to include one or two races held by other groups too.

  • Push to make NSS events better

    • Remind event promoters that purse size matters. It is not a coincidence that the largest NSS event (the Dave Duell Classic) is also the one with the biggest purse.

    • Push event promoters to do a better job getting contingency sponsors that actually have something applicable to NSS racers. For instance, in NMCA most all of the products that pay are for the Pro-Thug classes — and not stuff you'd find on a NSS car.

    • If you support a group (as I do the NMCA), push to have an event in your area. Be persistent.

    • If you have any influence with a vendor able to donate good swag for the NSS Driver's Dinner at the Dave Duell Classic — use it. Racers love swag. Headers, slicks, and a convertor were highly sought after swag at the last event. With a little help from other racers with influence — we could also have sets of shocks, ignition boxes, recordable tachs, intake manifolds, wheels, heads, carburetors, trans-shields, fuel pumps, billet water pumps….. given out at the Driver's Dinner. Great swag is as good as some of the purses at some of the races, and will attract more drivers to the events. You'd be surprised how many vendors that you have regular contact with who would be more than happy to donate swag. In return they receive racer appreciation (I'm right now buying a new ATI convertor because they ponied up at the last DDC Dinner) and promotion on the DDC web site.

  • Be a Good Ambassador for Nostalgia Super Stock racing.

    • Be friendly, courteous, and helpful to other drivers, and potential drivers. It doesn't make a difference what a person has or doesn't have, how long they've raced, where they live, what they do for work, what they drive, who they race with, who they pit with, how much they've won or lost, — or anything else. We all put our pants on the same way each morning, and the great philosopher Rodney King once asked "can't we all just get along?"  I can honestly say that I like each and every NSS driver I've ever met. Of all the groups of racers, NSS racers as a whole are the best Ambassadors.

    • Offer your help to the people running the events that don't have the proper staff to make things run smoothly.

    • Be pro-active promoting NSS racing. It isn't that hard to make a little effort to help grow Nostalgia Super Stock racing.

These are my ideas on how we can better promote NSS racing. Please add yours to



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