NSS Comic Book Style Wall Calendar

Each year I try to add a new Nostalgia Super Stock Wall Calendar to promote NSS Racing. I have a “Sticky” thread in this forum asking for High Resolution track photos, and on it there are a few examples of previous calendars (always current for the year) that are still available ( http://www.cafepress.com/texasbigbird/6911768 ). In previous calendars, Donnie from Photosport has helped me out with photos, or I’ve taken them from the stands, and in one calendar a fan provided me with the high res photos.

These calendars are printed as ordered (on demand) here in the US — and shipped to anywhere in the world — as opposed to having a couple of thousand printed up in China. I’m in it to promoted NSS — and never made $100 total off any of the calendars I’ve created. It isn’t a money thing.

I had a few health issues this year, and haven’t had the opportunity to personally take any high-resolution photos of good quality — and to date, no one has sent me any.

What I have been able to do is take photos of far less resolution necessary to make a good photo calendar — and spend many hours using some Photoshop tricks to make the photos into Comic book style images of the needed resolution. Over the weekend I’ve created a calendar using high resolution versions of the low resolution images used below.

Right now as I type this, the calendar http://www.cafepress.com/texasbigbird/7998403 uses 2011 pages and hasn’t yet converted to 2012 pages. Generally in October they convert the pages to 2012 — it those interested want to wait until the pages change to 2012. The link will be the same for now with the 2011 pages — and after the conversion of the calendar to 2012.


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