Could you use a web site like this

If you’re interested in having a web site similar to this, its very easy – requiring no computer knowledge. If you can post on Facebook, you’re over qualified to create a web site like this.  Here’s how I did it:

  1. Click Here to Check availability and register Domain Name. it costs about $10 year
  2. Click Here for Share Hosting for about $5 month
  3. Log into your Control Panel and there is an application installer called Installtron, clck it and select WordPress. It will automatically install it.
  4. Log into WordPress and change the cover ohoto to one you like, and post your context.

Its just that simple!

Texas Whale in the Old Hippie’s Gift Shop

I uploaded a Hi-Res scan of the drawing of the Texas Whale to my Cafe Press Gift Shop, where they’ll use it to create (on demand) any of about 50 different items and send any where in the world that gets mail.

Below are a few on those items.

If you’re interested in any of those items, CLICK HERE

Drawing of the Texas Whale

Texas Whale in Process of Being Rebuilt

The Texas Whale is in the process of being torn down, stripped, painted, and rebuilt with mostly new parts. I hope to have it ready for the 2019 racing season , but the 2020 Racing season is most likely more realistic because of too many other projects.

That said, I’m putting the finishing touches on the Texas Thug, which I’ll be racing while the Whale is being rebuilt.

The web site for the Texas Thug is, if you would like to keep up with it’s progress getting finished, and its racing. I’ll put progress updates if the Whale’s rebuild on this site.

Update to the Black Hand Post

Ten of us put up $400 each for legal fees to fight the Bogus Trademark claim, and won wen NSS, Inc. gave up the trademark but not fighting our appeal to the Trademark and Patent Office. They’ve been pretty much ostracized by all other NSS Racers.

Horrible Trend in Drag Racing


A small club a of a couple dozen members going by the name of Nostalgia Super Stock, Inc., put a registered trademark on the terms “NSS” and “Nostalgia Super Stock” – despite the fact that maybe better than 1000 racers have raced hundreds of Nostalgia Super Stock Races, at dozens of tracks in the last 25 years.

If you go to this club’s site at, you will see that they have place their trademark there. You will also find a link to their member email addresses if you’d like to communicate your feelings to them, and lists of  sponsors and events/tracks if you would like to communicate with them.

The below links show the trademarks.

We Will Rule The World All Of Nostalgia Super Stock


While all club members are guilty of allowing this to happen, it appears to be the brainchild of Club Secretary Bob Wilkiewicz, and Club President Rich Berlisk. They recently approached a Doug Duell, who administers Dave Duell Classic and and a member of the National Rules Committee (also trademarked by this club – so all members resigned to form a new rules committee), and informed him of the trademark and their intention of licensing (aka shaking Down) all organizations, promoters, websites, clubs… with both fees and other “requirements”.

More recently, the shakedown has begun with at least one promoter (NMCA) receiving a letter to contact them about licensing requirements.

Initial reaction to many was to drop or rename the class instead of wetting the beak of trademark trolls/squatters, but only the weak cave. A specialist trademark attorney has reviewed the applications the club made, and other documentation of the use of the terms – and while we don’t want to show his complete hand – it is obvious that those trademarks should never have been granted and it is a certainty that revocation will be granted.

The way of most common sense and least cost to all (including the club) would be for them to issue a public apology to all NSS Racers and to surrender the trademark back to the Patent and Trademark office as being they had recently realized (save face avoid fraud) that they are widely used over a long period descriptive terms, and should never be registered trademarks. However, like Pinky and the Brain, narcissistic domination of the class stands in the way of common sense and they’ve refused. Their strategy is to stand by the line that they’re just protecting the name from evil (kettle calling pot black) and they’re all about education – at least until the dust settles.

Well the dust shouldn’t settle until no one has the ability to misuse these terms for their ego and the extortion by licensing of the many outside their little club. So after legal consultation, the next step is to file a legal protest to the Patent and Trademark Office with the many examples of why the application wasn’t proper, and the many reasons the registration of the trademarks need to be immediately revoked. This will cost roughly $5,000 in filing and legal fees.  Doug Duell and Dave Schultz have stepped up and pledged $500 each, and feel that another eight organizations and well healed NSS racers will also step forward to do the same. If you are willing to be one of the ten helping to right this wrong, contact Doug or Dave.

While the lawyer feels that this will be a slam-dunk once filed, there’s never 100% certainty when you have Federal Bureaucracy involved. If unsuccessful, then a suit filed in the Federal Court of Milwaukee, against the club and certain members will be required, costing the club member and the petitioner in the $100,000+ each range. We feel we also have that covered, but hopefully it will not go that far.

What NSS drivers can do in the meantime is contact the club’s members, as there certainly must be a few feeling this is wrong and don’t want any part of the shitstorm about to happen.  Contact their sponsors who may not be happy of associating with a club using the tactics of the Black Hand. Contact the promoters and tracks to let them know who they’re associating with. Contact car and racing magazines, both print and Internet (even racing forums) to have them post the start of what could be a horrible trend to other classes like Nostalgia Muscle Car, Pro Mod, Nostalgia Funny Car, Nostalgia Pro Stock – or even “Bracket Racing”. No club should be allowed to try to own a widely promoted class of drag racing, and an example needs to be made of any club that does try. Regardless of any other differences, we need a united front of Clubs, Promoters, and drag racers to come together on this cause.

More information can be found at:



New form of extortion that all drag racers need to be concerned with. Today it is NSS, tomorrow it might be Nostalgia Muscle Car, or Pro Mod, or True Street, or even bracket racing!

The above link has all the details and the continuing conversation, the below is the first post.

The State of Our Class…You Really Need to Worry About.

As I write this post, I am thinking of the passion I have for NSS racing…the people, the cars, the tracks where we race and the fans who love to see us come. Unfortunately, there is a clear and present danger threatening our sport, targeted solely on NSS racing.

This post is meant to inform you of the actions taken by others and to share their intentions as they have laid it out for us. The NMCA and your rules committee has no intentions of being extorted and bullied into these changes. Based upon the initial input of information we have received, Clay Kossuth, Jim Netherland and myself have resigned from the NSSNA Rules Committee. We will, however, create a new committee to help steer NSS into the future. The NMCA agrees with this plan and will follow the lead of this new committee.

With that on the table, let me go back to the beginning.

As you may know, there is a Nostalgia Super Stock Club in the Chicago/Wisconsin area. This club operates under a match racing format which differs from the index racing many of our NSS racing organizations conduct. Earlier this year, Rich Berlisk and Bob Wilkiewicz, representing the Club, placed a registered trademark on both the terms Nostalgia Super Stock and NSS. The information on this action is available at The trademark application states the request is to protect the name for “educational, entertainment and archival” purposes. When Rich and Bob told me about what they had done (after the fact) and that they had received approval for the registered trademark, I expressed to them it was a bad idea and that I would not stand for any race organization or racer having to pay any monies or sign any releases to use the names Nostalgia Super Stock or NSS. Nothing happened until this week.

Bringing you up to speed this week.

This week, your NSSNA Rules Committee received a letter from Bob Wilkiewicz. Without our knowledge or consent, Rich and Bob have also trademarked the name of our rules committee. The impact of this became apparent immediately in their letter. They began outlining the rules of NSS racing as they saw fit as the new owners of the trademark. This is beyond reproach. NSS racing has always been self-governing and self-policing. As racers, we challenge one another. We argue the points as new racing technology becomes available. Our objective is to come to agreement and make certain the racing is competitive. The racers, along with the NHRA, decide what goes into the rules—thus our cars—and what does not.

Also this week, Bob sent a letter to the NMCA asking them to reach out and negotiate terms to use the names they trademarked: Nostalgia Super Stock and NSS. They have indicated they will do the same to the other race promoters and website administrators. Worse case scenario for us is if the promoters reject their attempts to collect money for use of the name and drop our class from their races. We have no intention for these misguided individuals to come between us and racing.

Negotiating terms with promoters and dictating rules to racers are a far cry from the innocent-sounding trademark application whose stated intent was for “educational, entertainment and archival” purposes.

Next steps.

Your rules committee is working closely with NMCA, consulting NHRA, and have reached out to our own legal counsel to get this hostile takeover of our sport stopped. Our promoters are looking into the legality as well. I will keep you informed as we make progress in this situation.

Final thoughts.

Clearly, this is about control and greed. We are a group of racers who put our own skin in the game. We work all week to get the chance to race on the weekends. We have invested hard-earned money into our cars. We are too proud of Nostalgia Super Stock racing to allow it to become a puppet race class due to a deceptive trademark maneuver.

What you can do.

If you have thoughts on how we should move forward, please email Clay, Jim or myself. I also suggest you call and email Bob Wilkiewicz and Rich Berlisk and let them know what you think about their actions.

Thank you,

Doug Duell

Norwalk 2015 – Season Finale

Dave Schultz – September 3, 2015

WhaleNorwalk2015-1000This was to be Dallas’ last full season for awhile — as he’ll be getting married next month and taking a new job that won’t allow for the time off racing.

We loaded up Monday, left early Tuesday – getting as far as Jackson, TN, and arrived at Linder’s Lot (staging area) Wednesday Night. Thursday we set up pits, established credentials, and teched in the cars. There has been a little drama and a lot of false accusations against those winning rounds from a couple of those not winning rounds — so tech was extra long. Every wired was traced in most of the cars this time.

Friday I got two time trials in the morning — one of which had my car in line for over two hours. I was happy to see that the transmission blown in Joliet was performing well thanks to Dallas rebuilding. The problem with Dallas’ car plaguing him all year was finally found and corrected. I was too fast in the first round of Qualifying. My lights were good. There were 27 cars (about average)  in the NSS Class.

Saturday started earlier than we had expected. My second qualifying was too fast, so I had to be conservative with a 9.773 on a 9.75 Index my third qualifying — putting me 7 of 27.

ticketsSunday had a late start because of rain. Both Dallas and I won our first rounds, me playing the stripe on the brakes.

10985265_10204729409170840_2768810061989561374_n copyDallas and I also won our second rounds — me again on the brakes because of an advantage on the tree.  I had to spot him 3/4 of a second.

11952043_10204730523958709_6387594962544347368_nThen because of a ton of accidents, including a bad one by Willard Kinser, the third round was very late in the day — actually early evening. Dallas had a Bye and I had to go up against Doug Duell. Doug is one of my best buds — and we’ve had a see-saw win/lose thing happening. He won the first two times we raced, I won the next two, and then he won against me in the finals of the Dave Duell Classic — in a very close race. I thought I’d nailed the tree — but it appears I didn’t. It looked close from the car, but I broke out because of my light.


 Dallas won against Mike DeChicco in the fourth round. It was like 10PM before Dallas and Doug Duell faced off in the final. This time it was Doug’s turn to have a bad light and Dallas won the event.

11222980_10204749562074650_4897747610675421190_oThis win got Dallas back into the Top Ten, Runner Up got Doug the 2015 Championship, and because you have to throw out a race (I didn’t lose in the first round once this year) — DeChicco bumped me to 4th place for the year when I had to throw out 230 points to his 160 points. This year’s competition was the toughest to date, and I had a little bad luck with my engine blowing in Atlanta (Dallas loaned me his car) and transmission in Joliet.  However, I intend to come back with a vengeance next year.

pointsI’d like to congratulate Doug on his Championship and Dallas on both his win and the eleven years that we raced together. It will be a lot different racing without him going forward. I’d also like to thank Wes at Mancini Racing, Brian at Fuelabs, Sam at TTI Exhaust, Kim at Aerospace Components, and JC at ATI for their product sponsorship. The saying is “the quickest way to a Million dollars drag racing — is to start with a Billion”. That is especially so if you live in Texas and the closest track (Bowling Green, KY) is 1000 miles away. Sponsor assistance helps allow this old man to continue to live the dream.

Route 66 – 2015

Sponsor Report

Dave Schultz – August 4, 2015

Joliet2015-560To recap from last report, the Dave Duell Classic only made it through three rounds and the FX Shootout hadn’t started before the rain came. The race in Indy was totally rained out, and so this race in Joliet had that race plus the FX Shootout and the conclusion of the DDC.  I’d won rounds from my son, 00Joe Ewing and Knokowski in Bowling Green.  I believe I was in fifth place prior to this race.

So we were loaded up last Monday and left Tuesday, arriving at the track Wednesday at 3PM. The staging area from the pits was already pretty crowded. The pit gate opened at noon Thursday, we were assigned pits and 1PM and had the pit set up and my car tech’d in by three — when the beer light turned on.

11834732_10204585366489863_8129961487661763855_oFriday morning I got one Time Trial and then the first round of qualifying. I was too fast at 9.745 on a 9.75 Index. It was very windy — making it a challenge.

After lunch we ran the 2nd Qualifying — and I was again too fast. It was hard to predict the high wind gusts. After that the 4th round of the Dave Duell Classic started. I had a Bye. An hour or so later was the 5th round – and I was matched against Corky Bumpus and I won that round. That put me in the finals with Doug Duell. This was the tenth DDC and he’d not yet won the event since named after his father — so he wanted it as bad as I did.

We waited until late in the night for this round to be run — before the track went up against it’s curfew deadline, and the race was rescheduled for the morning. Saturday at 8:30 we ran our 3rd Qualifying — and I over compensated in weight — and was slow enough to qualify — but not well. Right after that Doug and I ran the Final of the DDC.


We had a OK lights but I took the stripe by 8″ for the worst of the Double-Breakout. I guess 2nd best of around 55 racers that qualified is suppose to be a consolation — but I wanted to win bad.

Next was the FX Shootout, and I think there were 14 of the fastest NSS cars in that. I had Joe Midile in the first round. That’s when disaster struck for me.  After we were paired at the top of staging — my car had a big backfire starting up to move into the staging lanes. The burnout and launch went well, but as soon as the car hit 5500 RPM it was popping and I had to short shift. I saw Joe redlit (he left .25 second after me) and was able to drive down the track.

11099722_10204570511958509_8035035015331782894_nBack at the pits we looked at the Intake and found that it had blown the sealant out at the carb plate and left side of the top. It takes hours to remove and clean — and 12 hours for the sealant to set. There were 3 more rounds of the FX Shootout and then the first round of the Joliet eliminations to still be run — so I had to keep a low profile and fake it.  Next round was against Tim Frees — and I got lucky when he tried Oxygenated gas for the first time — and his car hated it. I was again able to drive the car down the track without hitting 5500 RPM because he’d given up. Below are the FX Racers in the Shootout.

11825007_10206235188816556_802147162787886175_nFor the next round I had Doug Duell again. The remaining drivers all put up $100 each for an extra pot, but I knew I was just donating. We both had good lights — but my car was sick. Doug went on to win the FX Shootout for the second leg of the Hat Trick he was shooting for. I won $100 and quickly turned it over to him.

11811388_10206235188136539_2311245113542884162_nThat night we removed the intake, disassembled, cleaned, sealed and reinstalled. Since the sealant had to set for 12 hours — we had to leave the car out all night, not really good for drag cars. In the morning I warmed it up and it felt pretty good. I had to race DW Hopkins — and that happened at 9:30AM. The winner would get a BYE to the finals. I had him on the tree — but the transmission started slipping real bad as soon as I hit third — and the car was way off.


Corky Bumpus won his second of the four points races when he ran DW in the Final. I won the Joliet race last year against DW — so he’s gotta be thinking he’s Jinxed at that track.

We loaded up and pulled out at noon Sunday — and drove all night to finish the 1150 mile trip to the shop by Monday 6:00AM. We had the motorhome unloaded and I was home and showered by 8AM. NMCA calculated the points and while I’ve moved up to third — Doug will have to fall on his face and I have to run the table at Norwalk (later this month) for me to win the Championship again this year. Those points are 150 instead of 100 per round.

pointsFYI-Dallas now wholly owns the Big Red Ram and its web site — and while we will still be traveling together to the races  and he’ll be my crew chief — he will be maintain it’s site and market for his own sponsors. I mention this as he and the car will no longer be part of the sponsor reports.

Dave Duell Classic 2015

Sponsor Report of the MoparStyle Race Team

By Dave Schultz
May 19, 2015

11096413_894869713892202_3811430319538728193_nThis was the 10th Dave Duell Classic — arguably the biggest and best of the Nostalgia Super Stock events.  The race honors Dave Duell, who was the coordinator of Nostalgia Super Stock at the Monster Mopar since the early 90s. He died in December of 2005 and the race was renamed the Dave Duell Classic for 2006.  While the race moved from the Monster Mopar Weekend to NMCA about five years ago — it is still the big event of the year with Class Eliminations, Driver’s Dinner with Swag raffled out, and a $4000 purse for the Sunday Big Show. Dave’s son (and fellow Team Thug member) Doug Duell now administers this event with NMCA. Doug is my best racing bud and we pit together at the races. Dave Duell got me into NSS back at a race in 2003. I won Class (C/FX) for the first DDC in Big Red Ram, and a couple of other classes in the Vitamin C (C/NSS) and the black Coronet (A/NSS) since.  I have yet to win the FX Class in my two attempts at the wheel of the Whale. Dallas has twice won the FX Shootout.

We left Wednesday morning and got as far as Jackson, TN before midnight. We got up at 6:30 Thursday and arrived at the track at noon. Despite the fact that I had a new untested motor in my car and Dallas had made numerous changes to his car — we elected to not pay $150 to make a couple of test hits — and simply established credentials and teched the cars in Thursday.  I was very surprised that my Texas Whale was on the Event’s T-Shirt this year. The Chevy guys say it makes a great oil rag.

11270283_10204088782075563_8533053166417248081_oFriday morning I made 4 test hits on my car and Dallas made three on his. On the first Qualifying run we were both too fast for our 9.75 Index — both running an identical 9.669 (with Dallas having a faster MPH).  On the 2nd Qualifying pass I was able to slow it down to 9.759 — giving me 6th of 54 in Qualifying. Dallas was still having issues with a consistent 60′ on his car (we now feel like it has to be the convertor he’d borrowed to see if it would make his car faster) and was in the 9.8s — putting him to 33rd.

DDC2015-1small ddc2015-small DDC2015-2smallI was looking forward to pushing it for the 3rd and 4th qualifying to make my 4th Top Qualifier in a row – but the rain came Saturday and the 3rd and 4th Qualifying were cancelled, and the FX Shootout was rescheduled for the Indy race.  The Driver’s dinner on Saturday night was moved up a couple of hours to fit in between storms. I took a lot of photos at the dinner, which I’ll post on this site later in the week — after getting caught up from being away for a week.

11110898_10205730379874243_4689310113441504593_oThe first two pits in the above photo were ours and Duell’s. We pit together parking in opposite directions to share a pit patio for dinners. The top of the Whale can be seen in the SE corner of the photo. 54 NSS cars creates a very long pair of lines. 11053108_679401325538192_1611926501477513500_nYou would think with 54 racers that there would be no chance that Dallas and I have to race each other in the 1st round — but Nooooo, for the 4th time in ten races we had to race each other in the 1st round. On a Sportsman ladder with 54 cars — 6 races 33.

11059766_10205639936615623_5234548666232238736_nI won that first round — as Dallas’ car just wouldn’t 60′. Dallas would line me up (below) in round two against 00Joe.  I’ve been 00’s bitch in our other two races — but I came out on top this time when he took too much stripe on a double breakout.

11110445_680392718760892_3287576385754910628_o 11232291_680392695427561_2563674437703185049_o 10847760_680392672094230_5574045006986680328_o DSC_7880In the third round I was facing Russ Konkowski, who’d just came off a near perfect round. We both pressed the tree and his -.006 was worst than my -.003. He had to leave 3/4 second before me so I don’t know if his red bulb distracted me and made me go — or if I’d gone red anyway. I’d been fairly good on the tree for most of my passes this weekend.

DSC03964DSC03965DSC03966Then the rain came down hard with 3 rounds left to go. A couple of hours later the remaining rounds were postponed until Indy. Indy is going to be busy with the postponed FX shootout, the finish of the Dave Duell Classic, and the normal Indy race. Sounds like a lot of passes — and a couple prayers that the car will stay together from the hot laps. On top of that – we’ll come a day early to wear the cars out even more. The below is the remainder of the ladder for the Dave Duell Classic.

11180630_10205651453743544_8020317347222072281_nWe left the track at 2:30 and drove to a truck stop to watch the Houston Rockets win the series against the LA Clippers (in a storm). We arrived at Walmart in Jackson, TN at about 10PM to park for the night. Up at 6:30 — and back to the shop at 7PM.

Again I’d like to thank the sponsors who have helped us (in order of how long they’ve helped us): Mancini Racing since 2003 (an account for parts); TTI since 2011 (headers on three cars – had to go custom on the Whale); Fuelabs since 2013 (fuel systems on the Whale and Big Red Ram); Aerospace Components since 2015 (Brakes on the Texas Thug — but we have their vacuum pumps on all of our cars and their brakes on my Whale); and ATI since 2015 (convertor on my car – and we run their balancers on all motors). They say the quickest way to become a Millionaire in drag racing is to start out as a Billionaire. We appreciate our sponsors delaying how fast we go broke from our living the dream as father and son drag racing.

Nostalgia Super Stock Racing With A 1960 Plymouth Wagon